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How can I start using Snapcall?
How can I start using Snapcall?
Learn how to use Snapcall as a standalone product or via supported CRM platforms.
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Snapcall can be used as a standalone product or via some of our supported third-party apps, like Zendesk, Livechat and more.

If you would like to use our core Snapcall feature like initiating or scheduling a call, all you need to do is to register an account using our website. Once done you will be redirected to your Dashboard, where you can monitor your call's data and initiate one whenever you'd like to. Your account can be upgraded anytime, and you're not forced to do so to maintain access to our basic features.

To set up a call or to create one, it's enough to access your account and click on the dedicated buttons placed on the top right of the screen. You can use the rest of the Dashboard to monitor your past activity, as well as to access your videocall recordings if you have a Pro subscription.

If you'd like to use SnapCall to receive calls, head to the 'Booking page' option on your account's settings, where you can generate links to add to your website, mobile app or email campaign. When a client request a call, your team will receive an email notification, allowing them to schedule a call accordingly. Booking page requires a Pro subscription to be used.

Another way of using Snapcall is to use its features via a CRM platform, like Zendesk, Intercom and more. In this case it's enough for you to look for Snapcall in the app market place. Here below you can find the links for some of the main CRM we support:

Once the app is downloaded and set up on your CRM, this will be available for all the agents regardless the plan set up (Basic, Pro or Enterprise).

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