SnapCall Pro gives you everything included in the Basic plan plus more analytical insights, call, and video recordings, as well as the full suite of features offered by SnapCall while joining a video call.

When you're in a video call, you can also share your screen, send links in a chat, and blur, hide or customize your video background so that no one else sees that. These are some of the features included in our Pro plan and further details are available here.

Booking page (inbound call) is also a feature included within the SnapCall Pro plan. This feature will allow your customers or leads to book a call with you or a team in your organizations, such a Support or Sales Team. Booking pages can be installed within your website, app or email campaigns, allowing your customers and leads to request a call.

On your SnapCall account, you will also be able to create Teams and add members to them. The number of members is unlimited and you can add and remove them as you prefer.

Having a Team within the same Workspace will allow you to have full visibility of the total number of calls done, as well as access videocall's recordings done by all members.

SnapCall Pro provides you with an advanced set of features specifically designed to better convert leads into customers, or improve the overall customer support experience. These are Quick Connect, Direct Pay, Instant Picture, and Request input, you can learn more about them at the following link.

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