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What are the advantages of Snapcall Pro Suite Plan?
What are the advantages of Snapcall Pro Suite Plan?
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SnapCall Pro Suite allows you to create unlimited voice and video calls, as well as share your screen with your audience while being on the call. You will also get access to all the call features offered by our solutions (such as Direct Pay, Request Input, and Virtual Background. You can find the full list here).

Our Pro Suite plan is the only one that gives you access to our AI-based solutions, built to reduce ticket resolution time and so boost customer satisfaction. SnapCall Assist allows customers to easily share pictures, videos, or recorded screen share sessions with your agents, which can request AI to make a summary of it to save time on ticket resolution.

There's no need for agents or customers to download third-party apps: it's enough to click on a link and SnapCall will process all files using our infrastructure.

The Booking pages give your customers the possibility to schedule calls with your team directly from your website. The page can be set up in minutes, plus the link generated can be easily installed on a website, email, or added to a message. Learn more about that here.

On your SnapCall Workspace, you will also be able to create Teams and add members to them. The number of members is unlimited and you can add and remove them as you prefer.

Having a Team within the same Workspace will allow you to have full visibility of the total number of video calls done, as well as access recordings and other statistics.

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