With SnapCall Pro, organizations can receive calls from their website or app, plus get access to the full set of features available during a call. For example, with our Pro plan both an agent and a customer will be able to share their screen.

Snapcall Pro is also built to allow organizations to set up teams, where their members can cooperate together, have access to their videocall recordings and better insights of the whole Team. It is easier for administrator to monitor the overall statistics of the whole workspaces, as well as team leads can get a closer look at the performance of their team as a whole.

On the other hands, Snapcall Basic is mainly built for a standalone usage, meaning each user have access to their statistics and insights, with the exceptions of videocall recordings. Basic users are also unable to use a few features specifically designed to convert more leads into customers, as well as some very useful features such as sharing the screen, customizing your background and others.

More on that is available here.

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