Recording cycle
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Videocall recording is an automatic process that is initiated by Snapcall as soon as certain parameters are met.

When a user creates a videocall, either from the Dashboard or from a third-party app, a recording is not yet initiated but any teammate will be able to see it on the Dashboard and join that.

This exact action will trigger automatically the recording as Snapcall is set up in a way to record only when more than one person joins the call, regardless of if these are two users of the same workspace, or one user plus one guest.

At this stage Snapcall is recording in the background, however this is not available yet in the Dashboard as the call is still active and ongoing: each person can simply take part of it by opening the link in their browser. Snapcall will keep recording as long as the default videocall's length is reached: this is currently set to 6 hours.

When this time frame passes, the call is saved on our servers and users can access the recording within minutes on the Dashboard.

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