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Snapcall introduced within their audio and video services many features that allow users to resolve support tickets fasters or close as many sales deals as possible.

For example, a support agent can ask their client to activate the microphone or camera on the browser right within a Snapcall, or they can share their screen to them so that it's easier to guide through an option in a website.

Sales agents on the other hand, can request payments directly from the call with a PayPal integration, or show right on the call the product they want to sell by connecting via their smartphone.

While some of these features might be available with a Pro subscription or in specific devices only, all of them can be used regardless the integration you're using. No matter if you're using Snapcall within Zendesk, Livechat or Intercom, when an agent joins a call with a client all features will be available.

There are two ways to use all the features offered by Snapcall while being on a videocall:

On the center bottom part of the screen, there is a button with a screen inside, between the two buttons 'Leave' and Video. That button allows you to quickly share your screen, links or to play videos within the videocall. Screensharing option is not available from mobile, due to technical limitations related to mobile's browsers.

On the top right part, there is a button named 'Menu', that allows you to access Picture-in-Picture, Quick Connect, Virtual Background.

Both users and guests don't need any installed apps to use features offered by Snapcall, it's enough to join a call through one of the major browsers currently available in the market.

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