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How does inbound calls work at SnapCall?
How does inbound calls work at SnapCall?
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Thanks to SnapCall you can allow your customers to initiate a call as soon as possible, or schedule one at a later time. On your SnapCall Workspace, head to Settings > Booking pages to access this specific feature.

Setting up the tool is simple and the whole process can be basically summarized in three quick steps:

  • On the settings of your Workspaces, you have the possibility to generate call links. This allows your customers to initiate a call with you or your Team so that it won't be necessary to go through a chat or a conversation first. The link can be placed anywhere, for example on a button on your website, or in the body of an email campaign that you're planning to send to a large amount of leads.

  • Once a customer or a lead click on this link, they have the possibility to request a call as soon as possible or to schedule one at a later time, plus they will be required to leave their email address. Your agents or team connected to that call link will receive an email notification, allowing them to schedule the call with the client according to their request. This is particularly useful for your agents to control the incoming backlog, as they can schedule calls according to their availability, rather than receiving multiple calls at the same time.

  • The client or lead will receive the confirmation via email, together with a SnapCall link they can use to join the call with your agent at the time defined in the email.

In order to use this specific feature and start receiving a call from your clients, you will need a SnapCall Pro subscription.

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