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Can I receive inbound calls with SnapCall?
Can I receive inbound calls with SnapCall?
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Yes, it is possible to receive calls by generating dedicated call links on your SnapCall workspace.

Any customer or lead can use this link to request a call as soon as possible or to schedule a call at a later time or day.

A call link can be linked to a specific user or Team of your Workspace.

This could be useful in case you'd like to offer VIP support to your most valuable customers (so that they will reach the specific user of your organization only) or when you'd like your clients to be able to choose which team to reach (you can generate different call links per different team or language, allowing the customer to avoid using an IVR).

Call links can be also temporary disable, allowing you to remain in control of your backlog in case this becomes too high for your team to handle.

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