When a recording doesn't appear yet on your Dashboard or it's not associate to one of your latest videocalls, there might be a few reasons behind it:

  • Your account is currently not updated to Pro: only users who subscribed to Pro or Enterprise are able to play or download their recordings. If you have a Free plan, Snapcall will still record your videocall but won't make it available in the Dashboard as long as the account's subscription won't change.

  • The videocall is not ended yet: Snapcall ensures recordings are available only when a call is ended. If this is the case, on the specific call you're looking at you should see the button 'Join' instead of the one 'Recording'.

By default, a call ends 6 hours after more than one participant joined.

  • The videocall had less than two participants: if you see the message 'The recording is unavailable' after you click the button 'Recording', this is very likely because the call had only one participant. This will look like what you can see on the screenshot below:

In cases like the one described above, Snapcall won't record the call but you will still be able to see that in the 'Call' tab and in the rest of the charts in the Dashboard.

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