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What are the advantages of adding SnapCall inside my bot?
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There are plenty of reason to add video as a support channel within a chatbot, but here below we thought about mentioning those which delivers most of the benefit for our customers:

  • Having SnapCall into your bot would allow you to make sure all your support channels are available in one single widget.

  • AI on video would allow you to automate and propose to customers specific information, articles or videos which are relevant to their issue

  • As most of the widgets or bots have limitations with file attachments or no possibility to upload files at all, SnapCall would allow you to bypass this

  • SnapCall provides you the possibility to extract information from the video client uploads. The media will be automatically added into a new or existing tickets and agents can play that without the need of opening a new tab

  • SnapCall is useful in all those use cases where video make it easier for a customer to describe their issue, for example: troubleshooting, damaged deliveries, error messages on a website, live onboarding or client verification.

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