What does SnapCall Lite Plan offer me?
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Our Lite plan gives you access to SnapCall Assist, SnapCall Instant, and all features offered by SnapCall at a low price. You can sign up for a new account on our website so that you can create and schedule calls, or you can use our main features through one of our supported CRM tools (such as Zendesk, Livechat, or Intercom).

While SnapCall Pro Suite will give you access to more advanced features and tools. You'll have access to AI-generated insights, unlimited Instant & Assist link generation, and team collaboration. In fact, this plan is specifically designed for Teams and cooperation across different members and functions, Snapcall Lite is an ideal plan for small team users, or for standalone usage.

In fact, once you start your Lite plan, you will have the possibility to overview your past activity and the number of calls created, however, you won't be able to overview or access calls done by the rest of your team. Moreover, it will not be possible to play recordings of your video calls.

You can find more information about our Pricing plan and your savings with SnapCall at the following link.

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