What are the advantages of Snapcall Lite?
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With SnapCall Lite you can add up to 5 users to your workspace, so that they can work as a Team and you can overview their activity. You can also allow your customers to send call request and media to your team by installing a Public Page into your website.
Your agents will also have more features available while using calls and clips, meaning:

  • While joining an instant videocall, both your agents and customers can share your screen to simplify troubleshooting or step to step guidance. With SnapCall Lite there is no limitations of number of calls, agents can create as many as they need, plus each of them will be accompanied by a transcript and a summary.

  • Your agent can also use Clip, so that a client can easily show an issue they have with video. Each media will be accompanied by a transcript and an AI summary.

There's no need for users or customers to download third-party apps: it's enough to click on a link and SnapCall will process all files and streams using our infrastructure.

On your SnapCall Workspace, you will also be able to create Teams and add members to them. The number of members is unlimited and you can add and remove them as you prefer.

Having a Team within the same Workspace will allow you to have full visibility of the total number of video calls done.

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