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What are the differences between SnapCall Lite and Pro Suite plans?
What are the differences between SnapCall Lite and Pro Suite plans?
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With SnapCall Pro you can benefit from all the main features of SnapCall, including:

  • Video call recording: this is the only plan that will allow agents to record each call.

  • Contextualized AI summary: SnapCall Pro will recommend articles to your agents according to the issue described by your customer.

  • Deeply integrated to your CRM: if you use Zendesk, SnapCall can be integrated with the Messaging widget, allowing your customers to start video calls from there, or leave video message to your support team. All this without the need for an agent to pick the conversation.

  • SnapCall will allow you to create and manage webpages, which can be integrated with your website. From there your customers can start, schedule video call, or leave video message for your support team.

  • Snapcall Pro is also built to allow organizations to set up teams, where their members can cooperate together, have access to their video call recordings, and have better insights into the whole Team.

  • It is easier for the administrator to monitor the overall statistics of the whole team, as well as team leads can get a closer look at the performance of their team as a whole.

On the other hand, Snapcall Lite is mainly built for standalone usage or smaller company (up to 5 users), meaning each user has access to their statistics and insights, with the exceptions of video call recordings. Lite users are also unable to let their end users generate Clip or Instant calls links.

More on that is available here.

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