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How does billing works at SnapCall?
How does billing works at SnapCall?
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Your subscription price varies according to the need of your business. Regardless the plan you decide to choose, SnapCall allows you to create voice and video calls.

The Lite plan provides users with limited access to SnapCall Assist and SnapCall Instant, with up to 10 links available for the creation of up to 5 users.

The SnapCall Pro Suite plan includes 20 agent seats, offers unlimited access to both products (Instant & Assist), and includes additional features such as analytics and advanced reporting.

SnapCall also recalculates automatically the amount to pay when you increase or decrease the number of seats in your Workspace.

  • If you add extra seats above the allocated seats in your plan, SnapCall will let you know in advance what would be the extra cost and will update the subscription price accordingly.

  • Your credit card is automatically charged at the end of every subscription period (monthly or yearly) unless you cancel your subscription.

  • If there’s an issue with your card payment SnapCall will notify you via email and will reattempt the payment only one time within the next 30 days. If all attempts fail, your account will be suspended.

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