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[Zendesk] How can I request media from a customer when they submit a ticket?
[Zendesk] How can I request media from a customer when they submit a ticket?
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Thanks to the automations offered by Zendesk and the functionalities of the SnapCall's Public Page, you can make sure that each client who opened a ticket for your support team will be given the possibility to add videos or pictures to it, without waiting for an agent to share a link.

This gives to your team a few advantages while solving tickets:

  • In most of the use cases and issue types, it is much easier for an agent to understand an issue if they have a video where this is better explained. The media would be attached inside the ticket created earlier by the client, meaning there's no need for an agent to look for it in different threads or apps.

  • Any client will be given the possibility to add an attachment regardless of the channel they used to submit a ticket, plus admins will have the possibility to customize this according to the company's use case and needs.

  • Client doesn't have to wait for an agent to obtain a link to record a media, and it's up to them if they want or not to record it. As the media will be added directly inside the ticket, no additional duplicate ticket will be created for it.

You can follow the steps below to set up the automation:

  1. Make sure your Public Page is ready. You can follow this article in case you didn't do this yet.

  2. From Zendesk, head to your Admin Panel, then look for the menu 'Objects and rules' on the left side of the screen. On that one, you should be able to see an item named 'Triggers', click on it, then select 'Add trigger' on the top right of the screen.

    From here, you can create an automation that send an email to a each client who created a brand new ticket for your team. If this is how you want the automation to work, please make sure to add the following conditions in the triggers:

    Ticket > Ticket IS Created 
    Ticket > Status IS NOT Solved

    Of course feel free to add more conditions if you'd like the trigger to work with more specific scenarios.
    Within the same page once the conditions are set, please make sure to specify the following actions that will be performed by the trigger:

    Notify by > User email - Ticket > (requester)

    Once done, you will have the possibility to specify an email subject and body, which can be set in the way you prefer. On the body, please make sure to add the link of your Public Page, which you can find by clicking on this link, on the right side of the page. Make sure to add the following string at the end of the URL

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