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What do I need to configure first to start using SnapCall?
What do I need to configure first to start using SnapCall?
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Your customer Success Manager will configure all of our features for you. If you don't have a workspace yet and you'd like to start testing our features, please reach out to our Team via

Once your workspace is ready and configured, here are the most important things that you can check and get familiar with:

Verify if your CRM is connected with SnapCall

On the 'Integration' page, ensure your selected CRM is marked as 'Connected'.

This will allow SnapCall to add comments and updates on the ticket as soon as an agent or an end user engage with the platform.

Clicking on the blue wheel you can also define in which brand should land and when SnapCall should create tickets.

Check your workspace settings

On our settings page you can define for how long media should be kept, as well as if SnapCall should automatically record a call when two participants join at the same time.

Your Customer Success Manager will customize this according to your use cases and requirements, however please note that some of the settings might be changed only if specific subscriptions are selected (like Pro or Enterprise).

Configure your Media Viewer

Under 'Apps & Tools', click on the AI Skills page. Over there, you will be able to define which AI features SnapCall will apply on a media as soon as this is processed.

You can also define if a summary or a transcript should be placed in the related ticket and if yes, if this should be a public note or a private one.

Make sure all your agents are added to your Workspace

Under Settings, you should be able to find an option named 'Users & Teams'. Over there you can overview who is currently part of your workspace, which permissions they have as well as add new team members if you have enough seats available.

When a user is part of your workspace, they can create calls and ask customers to record video, and their activity will be shown on the Insight tab of your workspace.

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