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How can I add Snapcall for my Support or Sales Team?
How can I add Snapcall for my Support or Sales Team?
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The best way to use SnapCall would be for your admin to set up a main workspace for your organization, they can do so by registering an account.

From there, your admin can invite team members and set up teams, so your agents can create calls from their account within your Workspace.

If you're team is currently using one of our supported conversational platform, such as Zendesk, Intercom or Livechat, it's enough to search for Snapcall in the specific platform's marketplace and install it.

  • Link for the Zendesk Marketplace

  • Link for the Livechat Marketplace

  • Link for the Intercom App Store

You can find here a current list of our supported CRM and apps, plus we also have an extended section of articles for each of the platform mentioned above.

Once the app is installed, your agents can use Snapcall within a chat to make calls and videos, as well as share their screen if you have a Pro subscription enabled.

If you'd like to keep track of the calls made by your Team and get access to all the videocall recordings, it will be necessary to set up a Team within your Snapcall account. This requires a Pro or Enterprise subscription and you can find more instruction on how to create a Team in the following link.

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