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How can I add users to my Snapcall Workspace?
How can I add users to my Snapcall Workspace?
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Before sending invitations to your Snapcall Workspace, please ensure that your account is upgraded to Pro and you have the permission to do that. You can find out more information about our Pro plan here, plus here is another useful articles in case you're wondering about the different roles available in a Snapcall Workspace.

The option to add users is available on the settings of your Workspace, which can be accessed from the menu on the top right of your screen. When you add a user, you will be requested to add an email address and their role within your Workspace. Snapcall will then send an email invitation to the designated address, so that the new user can create an account, add their name and the rest of their data if they would like to.

If the invitation is not confirmed yet, this will look like as shown in the screenshot below.

Please note that you can invite as many users you'd like to, however they can accept your invitations only if you have enough Pro seats available in your organization.

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