How can I add Snapcall for my Team?
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If you're planning to use SnapCall as a standalone platform, it is enough to make sure that your agents are added to your Workspace. You can find here a step by step guide to do so.
There is mainly two things you need to do to make sure your Team has full access to the service we provide within a CRM:

  1. If you're using Zendesk, make sure your Team is added to your SnapCall Workspace. Only this way you can make sure your agents can create calls and request video to your customers by generating streams from their Dashboard. You can find here a step by step guide to do so.
    You can also install on your Zendesk workspace our SnapCall app so that your Team can use SnapCall without leaving your CRM.

  2. If you use a different CRM, make sure to install our SnapCall app available in the dedicated marketplace.
    We currently have an app for Intercom or Livechat, please find below the link to install SnapCall within them:

  • Link for the Livechat Marketplace

  • Link for the Intercom App Store
    If you're using SalesForce, ServiceNow or Kustomer, you can connect your SnapCall Workspace to these using oAuth method. This will ensure that each interaction that your agents or customers will make on SnapCall, will be converted into a ticket in your CRM.

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