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Connecting SnapCall with Your Zendesk Workspace
Connecting SnapCall with Your Zendesk Workspace
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Switching between multiple platforms can be a productivity killer for customer support agents. This guide explores how to seamlessly integrate SnapCall with your Zendesk workspace, empowering agents to leverage video calls and recordings directly within the Zendesk interface.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Streamlined Workflow: Eliminate the need to switch between tabs. Agents can initiate video calls, request recordings, and access video playback directly from Zendesk tickets.

  • Insights with Automated Tags in SnapCall Tickets : SnapCall automatically adds tags into tickets, useful for routing and analytics

  • Centralized Information: All SnapCall data, including recordings, summaries, and transcripts, are automatically attached to relevant Zendesk tickets for easy access and reference.

  • Increased Agent Efficiency: Agents can manage all video communication within Zendesk, maximizing productivity and minimizing context switching.

Step-by-Step Guide: Connecting SnapCall and Zendesk

On the SnapCall Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Apps & Tools: Within your SnapCall dashboard, access the "Apps & Tools" section.

  2. Locate Integrations: Click on the "Integration" option to explore available integrations.

  3. Connect with Zendesk: Identify the Zendesk integration and click "Connect" to initiate the process.

  4. Provide Zendesk Domain: Enter the domain name of your Zendesk workspace and click "Add to Zendesk."

Before logging in to Zendesk, make sure you're an admin on, as you may be prompted to log in to your Zendesk account as such to authorize the connection.

Granting Permissions:

  • Click "Allow" to grant SnapCall permission to access your Zendesk workspace and create/update tickets.

Customizing Ticket Creation:

  • Within the SnapCall dashboard, you can configure settings to control which SnapCall actions trigger ticket creation in Zendesk. Please refer to this article for additional details

  • You can also specify the default brand to which tickets should be assigned.

Once Zendesk is connected, the next step would be to install SnapCall into your Zendesk CRM, so that agents can play media and create video calls right from the CRM interface.

  1. Access Zendesk Admin Center: From your Zendesk interface, navigate to the Admin Center.

  2. Search for Apps: Utilize the search bar to find "Zendesk Support Apps."

  3. Locate SnapCall App: Enter Zendesk app marketplace to install SnapCall using this link.

  4. Install the App: Select your desired Zendesk workspace and click "Install."

  5. Set Access Permissions (Optional): Define which agent roles will have access to the SnapCall functionality within Zendesk.

Once installed, a two SnapCall buttons will appear in your Zendesk interface: one on the top right of the screen will allow agents to login to their SnapCall account, while the second one is right inside the email editor component of Zendesk.

That allow agents to create and connect a SnapCall video call or recorder to a ticket, so that attachments or updates would be placed in the ticket itself. The widget allows agents to initiate video calls, request video recordings, and play back recordings directly from Zendesk tickets.

Empowering Your Customer Support Team

By integrating SnapCall with Zendesk, you equip your agents with a powerful tool to streamline communication, enhance customer engagement, and improve the overall support experience. With all the functionalities readily available within the familiar Zendesk interface, your team can focus on delivering exceptional service without the hassle of juggling multiple platforms.

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