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Exploring SnapCall for video communications : A Comprehensive Guide
Exploring SnapCall for video communications : A Comprehensive Guide
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SnapCall offers a powerful solution for agents to engage with customers through seamless video calls.

This article aims to explore the different possibilities of SnapCall, from creating video calls to integrating them into your existing systems, ensuring unparalleled customer service experiences.

Results User Can Expect:

By using SnapCall and adding video as a communication channel, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Enhanced customer-agent interaction through audio and video-enabled video calls.

  • Simplified communication processes, eliminating the need for lengthy text-based exchanges.

  • Simplified user experience, as customer can join the video call by simply clicking on a button and they don't even need to download a third party app. 

  • Improved customer satisfaction and issue resolution rates through personalized video support.

At this stage you might be wondering: how can video call be useful for my support team and in which use cases can this channel be useful? We have the answer for that as our customers succeeded into using our solution to address the following use cases:

  • VIP support: an organization can offer video calls instead of written communication channels using SnapCall, so that it can be built a better relationship with them. While other video communications tools needs to be used as a standalone solution, SnapCall seamlessly connect with CRMs, automating some of the manual job agents needs to do (writing follow up, summary of conversations etc).

  • Step by step guidance: thanks to screen share, it is way easier for an agent to show their screen and better guide the customer to the usage of a website or a feature of a SaaS software.

  • Customer verification: by joining a video call, client can be verified as a legit customer and onboarded by the organization so that they can get access to any feature or product they offer.

  • Troubleshooting: thanks to SnapCall, customers can share their screen and show to the agents what they are facing at their end. It is easier for an agent to understand the situation by directly looking at the customer's screen instead of guess what client is opening.

Given the above, how the tool can be used? There are different ways, both for an agent and for a customer, to generate and share video calls. Here are some of the possibilities offered by our tool.

1. Agent-Initiated Video Calls:

  • An agent can log in to their SnapCall account and access the dashboard.

  • Click on the "New" button and select "Create a Call."

  • Generate the call link and invite customers via email or SMS.

  • Alternatively, use the "Share Public Link" option, so that they can add the link to an email sent via a CRM or external software.
    This is useful in case there's already a thread ongoing with client and customer, and in this case it would be best to maintain everything into a single ticket.

2. A customer can request a video call as well thanks to SnapCall, if your organization would like to offer this feature to them. Here's how:

  • Integrate SnapCall with chatbots or messaging widgets via API. Here's how. 

  • Configure messaging widgets to prompt customers to initiate video calls.

  • Customers can join video calls directly from the messaging interface without agent intervention.

3. You can also integrate SnapCall directly into a supported CRM, for example Zendesk. This way, an agent won't need to switch between tabs to create a call, and this would be directly connected to the ticket handled.

  • Install SnapCall within your CRM workspace, such as Zendesk.

  • Use the integrated SnapCall widget to create video calls associated with specific tickets.

  • Agents can seamlessly join video calls from within the CRM interface, enhancing ticket management efficiency.

Additional Information:

  • SnapCall provides a user-friendly interface suitable for both agents and customers, ensuring smooth video call experiences.

  • Video calls initiated through SnapCall require no third-party app installations, offering convenience and accessibility for all parties.

  • Integration with CRM systems enhances workflow efficiency and enables comprehensive ticket management capabilities.

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