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How can I use SnapCall Clip?
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Within your CRM (Zendesk or Livechat)

When an agent enters a chat with a customer, they can allow them to use SnapCall Clip by clicking on the dedicated button.

Depending on the CRM, this will be either shown within the message box at the bottom of the screen or at the right side.

Before the link is sent to the customer, agent can decide whether this will allow the customer to schedule a call at a later date (Schedule a call - SnapCall Booking), join an Instant call or Capture photo/video (SnapCall Clip).

When SnapCall Instant is sent to the customer, they will be able to join a one-user videocall, where they can record the message and deliver this to the organization. This way the agent can keep answering to other chats while the customer record the message, and watch this once it's ready.

Within a Chatbot or contact form

SnapCall can be embedded into a Chatbot, for example Zendesk Flow Builder, so that a customer can interact with them and provide pictures or video before an agent pick ups the conversation. Such approach could save a significant amount of time as the agent would have more information available after picking up the chat, as well as a summary created by AI.

It is also possible to include SnapCall Clip within a form so that a customer can add pictures, video or screen share session before submitting a ticket to an organization. Drop a message to our support team in case you'd like to learn more about it.

As a standalone solution

From your SnapCall Dashboard, you can also generate SnapCall Clip links that can be there shared to the customers in the way you prefer.

For example, if you have an email exchange with a customer you can forward them a link so that they can record a video or a screen share session to better explain their issue.

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