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What can I do with SnapCall?
What can I do with SnapCall?
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SnapCall offers a cloud-based video platform powered by AI designed to improve customer support and communication for businesses.

Here's a breakdown of what you can do with SnapCall:

  • Enhanced Customer Support with Video: SnapCall allows customers to easily share photos and videos to explain their problems or questions to support teams. This visual communication can lead to faster and more accurate troubleshooting.

    The captured information can be directly embedded into the support ticket, eliminating any wasted time or need to switch between platforms. This seamless integration ensures a smooth workflow for your support agents and a faster resolution for your customers.

  • Real-time Calls: You can conduct live audio or video calls with clients directly through a web browser or through the SnapCall app integrated with your existing CRM system Such us : Zendesk, SalesForce, Livechat or Service Now,

    This eliminates the need for separate conferencing services.

  • Scheduling Tools: SnapCall offers features to schedule calls with clients and experts, ensuring appointments are convenient for both parties .

  • AI-powered Summaries (SnapCall Clips): SnapCall uses AI to analyze videos and photos, helping agents solve issues faster. This info can also be used to route tickets and fill CRM data. See the link.

  • Security and Privacy: SnapCall emphasizes data security and privacy. They use encryption to protect sensitive information during calls and video chats.

Overall, SnapCall aims to streamline communication between businesses and their customers by providing a user-friendly platform for video calls, photo/video sharing, and real-time collaboration.

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