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How can I schedule a call from the dashboard?
How can I schedule a call from the dashboard?
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In order to schedule a call please go to your dashboard by logging into your SnapCall account. Make sure to have a Pro subscription enabled as feature requires it.

From your dashboard click on: Schedule call

You have now the option to choose between different calendar in order to schedule a call. We currently support Google, Apple Calendar and Outlook, however you'll need to login to one of these providers to successfully schedule a call.

In case your calendar provider is not one of the three mentioned above, you still have the option to copy the link of the call, so that you can set the call using that third party software, but still use Snapcall services to execute the videocall.

Once you select your provider a new tab will open, so that you can set the time and date of your event. This will contain a Snapcall link, so any user and guest will be able to join the call once the scheduled time is approaching.

A confirmation email will then be sent to the person you invited. Its layout and style depend on the provider used, but all events set up this way will contain a Snapcall link.

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