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Why should I use SnapCall Assist?
Why should I use SnapCall Assist?
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The main reason of using SnapCall Assist is to simplify the process of receiving videos or pictures from your customers and reduce the effort they need to go through to successfully do that.

Reducing such effort means improving customer satisfaction, resolution time and overall provide a better user experience.

There are a few reason that we believe are worth considering when reviewing this solution:


In order to record a video or create a screen share session, customers just need to click on a link. There's no need to install third party apps, which makes the whole process significantly easier and smother for them.

When the recording is complete, the file is sent by SnapCall to the organization, eliminating the need of compressing the file or converting it into a supported format.


Each recording generated by customers is managed by SnapCall, meaning each file you receive by us is safe. SnapCall eliminates the need of looking for a way to safely receive videos and pictures from customers.


SnapCall Assist can be used within your favourite CRM, or as a standalone solution from your Dashboard. We want this product to adapt to your needs, instead of the opposite.


SnapCall is compatible with Zapier, allowing you to integrate our solutions within your software. You can built automations and make SnapCall automatically generate streams or links when certain actions are made, so that you dedicate more time to things to matter to your business.

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