Who can record a video call?
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If you have or you are part of a Pro or Enterprise workspace, the audio part of a call can be automatically recorded by SnapCall if the feature is toggled on. If you're an admin, you can locate this option on 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Preferences'.

Other than automatic call recording, an agent can record the video part of a call as well. This can be done manually by the agent, once two or more participant join a stream. The option is available on the top right part of the call interface, once clicking on the button 'Menu'.

It is necessary to subscribe to SnapCall Pro or Enterprise to record calls. Lite users won't have this option available.

If you have a Pro or Enterprise workspace and you'd like agents to be able to record video calls, please submit this request to our support team as this option needs to be manually enabled on our side first.

It's important to note that the specific permissions and settings related to call recording may be configurable by the administrators. It's recommended to consult the organization's guidelines or contact their support for detailed information on the specific recording capabilities and access rights within their SnapCall Workspace.

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