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How can I add a SnapCall Flow link into my Chatbot configuration?
How can I add a SnapCall Flow link into my Chatbot configuration?
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There are multiple ways to add a SnapCall Flow into a configuration you're currently setting up into a chatbot, however the one below is the one that we recommend in most of the situations:

On your SnapCall Workspace

  • Create a Flow and add the title, description and image you prefer, then define what client will be able to do when they open the Clip recorder (should they record a video, share their screen or perform another action?).

  • Nice to have: define a custom prompt for the content recognition feature (AI on video). For example, you can ask SnapCall to extract serial numbers or other data from a snapshot. You can use a normal, conversational way when you define the custom prompt.

  • Publish the Flow and copy its link. This should have the same format as the one below:
  • Nice to have: if you'd like SnapCall to add the media from this Flow to an existing ticket created during the chatbot flow, make sure to add the dynamic field 'ticket. Your URL should look like something like the one below

If you don't add a ticket value in the URL, SnapCall will create a new ticket in the CRM by default and will place new attachments there.

The ticket value can be populated by the chatbot using a placeholder feature if supported.

On your bot flow builder

  • Request from clients their email address: this will be necessary for them to record a video and add this into a new or existing ticket. If your customers need to login in order to interact with the chatbot, you can skip this process as the email should be available at your end.

  • If required, add an API step that will create a ticket in your CRM. The API configuration step depends on the CRM you're currently using.

  • Once you have the ticket, share to the customer the link of the SnapCall Flow as instructed above.

  • Nice to have: if supported by your bot we suggest placing the URL inside a button in the bot's message.

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