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Introduction to Call Scheduling
Introduction to Call Scheduling
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Call scheduling can be a better and more efficient alternative compared to offering inbound calls to your customers, particularly if your organization's product is a complex and customized software.

When this is the case in fact your agents might need some time to analyze the client's query, they might need the support of a third party Team or the review of a Technical Team before to provide a resolution to a customer.

Having a queue of scheduled call to handle instead of a backlog of live call will give to your team time to get familiar with the query, analyze their questions and understand which information they need to verify during the call.

At SnapCall we currently offer two type of scheduled videocall, as we do with live call:

Inbound call (customer proactively pick a slot for a call)

You can allow your customers to request a video call directly from your Public Page. Here below are the step by steps instructions to do so:

  • Define a Booking event, from your SnapCall Dashboard. For example, if you have a multi language support team, you can define a Booking Event for each supported language so that your customer can select the one they feel comfortable with.

  • Once done, head to your Public Page editor, ensure the Call Scheduling option is in the 'Enabled' tab and click on the setting wheel, next to the option itself. Ensure all Booking events are toggled on.

Once done, your end user will be able to pick a date and time for their call, then this request will be converted into a ticket in your CRM so that your Team can handle it.

It is important to note that, as SnapCall Booking cannot be linked with a third party calendar, customers cannot book time slots but rather confirm a time and date when they would like their call to happen. 

Outbound call (agent to pick up a time slot for the customer)

If an agent would like to schedule a call on client behalf, there are mainly two ways of doing it:

  • From the Homepage of your SnapCall Dashboard, an agent can click on the blue button named 'New', then 'Schedule a call'.

  • On the pop up, agent can define the name of the call, as well as the rest of the information required. Once all data will be filled up, agent will be redirected to the calendar selected where they can add the client and confirm the call

  • On the third party calendar, the link of the call will be automatically placed inside the location field, meaning the agent doesn't have to copy and paste that value.

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