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To ensure data and insights remains available only to specific members of a Workspace, Snapcall created four different type of roles, which define the set of actions these can perform.


This is the most basic type of role, which allow a person in your Workspace to create calls, clips and navigate through their dashboard. By default, any user will be able to see media and calls of the whole workspace, however this option can be customized by getting in touch with our Support Team.

As a user, it is possible to access to the account settings and change some preferences related to videocall or streams.
This is the role that would be typically given to a Support or Sales agent.


A supervisor can be assigned to one of the team created in a workspace, and will be able to see all media within a specific team. They can't add or remove users from a team or a workspace, and most of the settings in the workspace can't be changed by them.

This is a role that would be typically given to a Team Lead, Quality Analyst or similar.


An admin is a user that have access to several options within a given workspace. For example, they can edit a Public Page, manage integrations with external CRM, as well as change the settings of your workspace. They can also connect SnapCall with your company's Knowledge Base, as well as add specific company words.

This role is usually useful for CS or Sales Manager so that they can manage the whole function.


The owner of a workspace have access to each single setting and media in a workspace, including billing settings. Each workspace can have one single owner only.

Below you can find the full list of actions that each user can execute according to their role in the workspace.





User activity


Add/remove user from Team

Create a Team

Add/remove user from workspace

Assign role

Manage plan

See billing

Access/Edit Workspace settings

Create/Manage Booking events



Manage Public Page

Connect Knowledge Base

Add/Manage Company vocabulary

Connect workspace to CRM

Manage Notification preferences



*Only owners and admins can create booking pages for team or other users. Other type of users can create booking pages for themselves.

**Users and supervisor can't receive notifications related to the Workspace they are in (for example they won't get notified when a user join the workspace).

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