Roles and rights
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To ensure specific data and insights remains available only to specific members of a Workspace, Snapcall created four different type of roles, which define the set of actions these can perform. These can be consulted below as following.





User activity

Only personal activity

Only Team activity


Only personal recordings

Only Team recording

Add/remove user from Team

Create a Team

Add/remove user from account

Assign role

Manage plan

See billing

Create Snapcall Pro account

Booking pages



*Only owners and admins can create booking pages for team or other users. Other type of users can create booking pages for themselves.

A 'User' is a team member which is mainly focused on their personal activity, like for example an agent within a Support or Sales Team. They can only overview their calls, as well as all recordings of calls that were initiated by them.

The core difference between a User and a Supervisor, is that the first can overview only their activity while the second role gallows a member to overview a team's activity. This is particularly useful for a team lead who needs to monitor videocall recordings or reports on team statistics and performances.

A Snapcall Admin is a person dedicated to the maintenance of the Snapcall Workspace: they can create a team from scratches, add and remove members as well as access all statistics and recordings of the entire Workspace they were assigned into. On top of that, a Snapcall Workspace's Owner can also manage the subscription's plan and create a new Snapcall Pro account.

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