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What happens when a subscription expires?
What happens when a subscription expires?
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When the plan expires you will lose access to the Pro features of SnapCall. You will still have access of your account, but all the team members on your Workspaces will be inactivated until the Pro plan get restored. A few other aspects to keep in mind once a subscription expires are the following:

  • You will lose access to AI advanced features connected to SnapCall Clip (company vocabulary, Knowledge Base etc)

  • Your recordings are still stored on our system, however, it won't be possible to access them as long as the subscription plan remains 'Free' or 'Lite'.

  • You won't be able to overview KPIs and statistics of your Team

You can upgrade back your account as soon as the existing subscription expires if you'd like to restore all the main benefits of your Lite or Pro Suite plan.


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