How can an agent initiate a video call within Zendesk?
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There are different ways to join a videocall with your customers, which varies according to the type of ticket you're currently managing.

From a chats, or a live conversations

  • Send a call card: this is the method we recommend using if you're currently chatting with a customer on Zendesk. To create a call, simply click on the SnapCall button on the text field on the bottom side of the screen, then select 'Start a video call'.
    The customer you're chatting with will receive a call card, which tells them they're invited to join a video call. They can join by simply clicking on a button inside the call card.
    ​There's also an additional advantage of creating a call using this method: the video call's title will be the ID of the Zendesk conversation you're currently handling, making it very easier to locate the recording once the video call is over.

  • Paste a Snapcall URL within the conversation: this is one of the way to start a video call as the customer will see the link on the chat. All they need to do in this case is to click on the link, so that they'll be redirected to the call itself.

From a ticket (email, SMS, Whatsapp or similar)

  • Use the button on the text field, the one on the bottom of the screen. This won't generate a call card as it happens within a chat, but will automatically paste the link inside the reply you're going to send to the client, plus the video call will be automatically linked with the ticket.

  • Paste a link inside the reply, you can generate a link from the SnapCall console on the top right side of the screen or by using a Chrome extension.
    This won't link the ticket with the video call, however the client can easily join the call by clicking on the link, with no need of installing third party apps.

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