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What is the best to automate in SnapCall via Zapier?
What is the best to automate in SnapCall via Zapier?
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Thanks to the wide amount of supported app with Zapier, there are thousands of ways to automate videocalls, but here below we thought about mentioning some of those we thought could be most useful:

  • You can create a SnapCall for each new Calendly meeting created, and ensure this is automatically posted on Slack when it's done. This way you can keep using Calendly to allow leads to book a call, however you can join the call with Snapcall to ensure to have the full set of features offered by us.
    Lastly, a notification will be provided on Slack so that it's easier to follow.

  • You can make SnapCall create a new videocall each time a message is written on Slack. The automation can be also set up in a way that SnapCall will share directly on Slack the link of the call, so that you won't have to login on your Dashboard to copy it.

  • You can send SnapCall links via SMS thanks to the Twilio integration, in case your customer prefers this method.

You can find more use cases at the following link.

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