What is SnapCall Clip?
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SnapCall Clip is a one-user videocall where a customer or lead can make a picture, record a video message and/or create a screenshare session.

The recording is then processed, stored and delivered by SnapCall to the organization's WorkSpace, eliminating the need for the customer to upload, compress and send any file that an agent might request to resolve a ticket.

SnapCall Clip aims to simplify the whole experience of uploading and delivering files to organizations, as nowadays smartphone or other modern devices are capable of producing mid-large size video and pictures, while often organizations and businesses have a very restrict policy when it comes to their size.

Not only that, SnapCall Clip aims to make it safer for companies to receive files from customers, as this is processed by SnapCall before being sent to the organization. There's no need to worry about receiving files from unknown sources.

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