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How do I get started with SnapCall Chrome extension?
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In case you want to use SnapCall but your CRM is not supported, or in case you'd like to use our services without using one, our Chrome extension can be helpful to speed up the creations of streams and managing those you already created.

What is the SnapCall Chrome extension?

This is an app that you can install within your browser, and allows you to create instant video calls and clip recorders without leaving the tab you're looking at.

This improves your agent multitasking, as creating calls becomes even quicker.

What do I need to do to start using the Chrome extension?

You need to have an account at SnapCall to start using our services. If you're using SnapCall within a team, all your agents will need one as well. Once you install the extension, SnapCall will ask you for the email and password of your account.

Of course, all calls created from the extensions will be visible right in your SnapCall Dashboard after you access it from a regular tab.

What this Chrome extension can help me to do?

Using a SnapCall Chrome extension, it will be easier to multitask, as you can create video calls without leaving the tab you're looking at. Plus, you have access to some statistics of your account, and you will be able to change some quick settings as well.

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