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Where can I check my notification history?
Where can I check my notification history?
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From your Dashboard, there's no way to see how many notifications SnapCall sent over time. Please drop a message to support in case you have any question about such activities or you'd like to have a report related to it.

Fortunately, you can easily review your notification history by checking your email inbox, specifically from the sender ""

Here's how to check your notification history:

  1. Log into your Email Account: Open your preferred email client or webmail service and log in to your email account.

  2. Search for "": In the search bar or filter options, enter "" as the sender's email address. This will filter your emails to display only notifications from SnapCall.

  3. Review Your Notifications: Browse through the emails sent from "" These emails contain a record of the notifications you've received, including their content and any relevant information.

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