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How do I upgrade my account?
How do I upgrade my account?
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If you're using Snapcall Individual and you'd like to get access to our more advanced features, it is possible to upgrade your account directly from the dashboard, clicking on the menu available on the top right part of the screen.

You should see an option named 'Upgrade to Pro', which will redirect you directly to the payment page where you can set the number of sets you'd like to purchase and the billing plan (monthly or yearly).

To complete the process, ensure to have a debit or credit card at hand, this can be either a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Union Pay card.

While adding your card, you can decide to upgrade your account only, or purchase more seats so that you can invite more users to join your Workspaces.

Upgrading the account gives you access to more advanced features when you join a call, data insights and the possibility to display the recordings of your past videocalls. More details are available at the following link.

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