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How Do I Publish and Share my SnapCall Flow?
How Do I Publish and Share my SnapCall Flow?
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Once you've customized your SnapCall Flow to capture the desired media and leverage AI features, here's how to make it available for use:

  1. Publish the Flow: After configuration, click the "Publish" button to activate your flow. This makes it ready to be used during customer calls.

  2. Share the Link (Optional): Following publication, you'll have the option to copy the link to your clipboard. This allows you to share the SnapCall Flow with a specific colleague or client if needed.

You can share the created flow by activating it on your Public Page. In the configuration of your Public Page, locate the flow on the left side, drag it to the Active component, and click "publish." Once done, the Flow will be officially accessible on your public page.

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