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Why I can't open a media?
Why I can't open a media?
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When a file cannot be opened from the media viewer, this is usually for the following reasons:

The file is expired

Due to Compliance purposes, SnapCall will automatically delete media in your workspace. From your workspace preference, each admin can define for how long these should be stored once uploaded by your end users.

When an agent will try to access an expired file, this is what they would normally see.

If you suspect you're seeing this error message by mistake, please drop us a support query specifying the exact URL of the media you're trying to open.

Click here to learn more about changing the data retention period.

The file has been manually deleted

Each file can be manually deleted by agents or admin. Customers can also decide to delete a media if they didn't leave the recording UI yet.

When an agent tries to open a file that no longer exist into your workspace, SnapCall will prompt the following error.

File cannot be found

Sometimes it might happen that agents try to open a media using SnapCall, but instead of seeing the file they are prompted the the screen below.

This could be mainly caused by the following reasons:

  • There's a typo in the URL. If SnapCall locates the stream, you might see some media on the bottom part of the screen and open them instead.

  • The user is trying to access a file which is not in the same workspace where they are currently logged in at.

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