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Introduction to SnapCall Insight
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SnapCall Insight is the page where you can monitor all metrics and statistics related to your team, compare a specific set of metrics or overview any long term trend.

Insight is composed by two different tabs:

Clips - you will find core metrics related to number of link generated by your team or customers. You will be able to see how many of these were used, and how many media were generated out of this.

Please keep into account as you might see a higher number of media than links generated, as customers can use the same link multiple times or upload multiple media. 

The Call tab on the other hand, will allow you to overview number of videocall created, how many of these were converted into qualified calls (which is any videocall where more than one participant joined at the same) and the average length.

In both tab, you will be able to compare different set of metrics, for example you will be able to see how an agent perform compared to the total average of the team or whole workspace. Click here to learn more.

Both tabs allow you to filter data by team, user and platform, while on the Clip tab you will be able to filter as well by media type.

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