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How to install and set up SnapCall on your LiveChat workspace?
How to install and set up SnapCall on your LiveChat workspace?
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1. Click on the "Settings" gear from your LiveChat workspace.

Be sure that you have the credentials to install an app from the LiveChat marketplace before starting. If you don't have them, ask permission from the Admin of your LiveChat account.

2. Once you're on the LiveChat marketplace, find the "SnapCall" application and click on the "Start free trial" button.

3. Once you've clicked on the "Start free trial" button, click on the "View Cart" button in green.

4. Click on the "Continue to subscription" button, and pass the steps of the checkout. If you have a discount coupon, use it on the related field and click on the "Apply" button.

Passing the checkout process is mandatory to benefit from SnapCall. However, no upfront charge is made on your credit card prior to the free trial. So feel free to do the trial without the fear of paying for it.

5. Once the checkout process ended, go back to your workspace, and on the "Settings" gear, click on "Manage apps".

6. Then choose the "Installed Apps" section

7. On the SnapCall application line, click on the "three dots" button on the "Actions" column (right part)

8. On the drop-down menu that appeared, choose the option "Finish installation".

9. A new page opens with a message explaining that your SnapCall account was correctly activated.

Good job! Now, wait for the page to close automatically (up to 5 seconds).

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