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How can I troubleshoot in-call error messages?
How can I troubleshoot in-call error messages?
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While participating into a videocall, it might happen that Snapcall displays specific error messages on screen, so that it's easier to understand if a specific function stopped working or if it's necessary to refresh the browser's tab or check the internet connection.

A critical error has occurred (error WRTC2)

When you see this message, followed by an interruption of the call, it's possible that the network was interrupted, or it was too weak to continue the call. In such cases, it's enough to refresh the browser's tab to establish a new connection and join again the call.

You can also use the 'Refresh' button within the error message pop up to do so.

If this step doesn't work, it's likely that the connection has been fully interrupted, in this case it's best to check if the device used is actually connected.

An error occurred while trying to toggle the camera.

This message appears automatically when a fifth person tries to join a call with 4 participants. Our team is currently working on a more explicit message. Please raise a Support ticket in case you'd like to have in place a workaround in place.

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