How does 'Quick Connect' works?
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So here we are on the SnapCall interface.

To connect your smartphone or tablet to this call, you just have to click on the Menu button at the top right, then click on Quick Connect.

A new window opens. It contains the QR Code for this call.

Now, take your smartphone and open the Camera app. All recent smartphones and tablets recognize these QR Codes, it's enough to open the 'Camera' app and point your phone to the screen of your second device, such as a laptop or a monitor.

In case your device doesn't have a camera, or you would simply like to join from another computer, you can copy and share the link of the call somewhere else.

When the QR code is scanned with a camera app, your phone should locate a link connected to the ongoing Snapcall video. To join the call, simply open it.

You will be redirected to your phone's browser so that you can join the call there. When your smartphone connects to the call, the window displaying the QR code on your computer closes automatically.

To avoid having an audio echo between your computer and your smartphone, the microphone will not activate on the smartphone. You can of course deactivate the microphone on the computer and activate it on your smartphone β€” if necessary.

You can now enjoy the call directly on your smartphone or take the opportunity to show your product from different views. πŸ”₯

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