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How can I use Snapcall within Livechat?
How can I use Snapcall within Livechat?
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SnapCall has partnered with LiveChat to create a new and genuinely great experience for both LiveChat users and their customers. They can now see and hear them directly inside the chat conversation. 🙌

Those calls in the chat room:

  • are fully digital;

  • don't require phone number or additional equipment

  • don't require to install anything, just allowing the microphone and camera usage on the device.

Chat is taking too long as the customer is slow to respond? The customer is asking you to have a live conversation over the phone? You decide when the voice, video & screen sharing can help you and enhance the experience for the customer!

To learn more about how to make a voice/video calls within Livechat, click on the following link.

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