We're excited to introduce a new SnapCall experience, enabling voice, video calls, and screen sharing inside LiveChat. 🚀

This "Stream" version of our application on LiveChat introduces some major differences in the use you can make of our app. For example, multipart calls, multi-devices calls, and all of this with a brand new shape!

Let's have a look at this awesome new experience on the agent side!! 🔭

1. First of all, you have to be in an active chat conversation. So on a new customer request, let's click on the "Pick from queue" button.

2. Once you've picked the customer request from the queue and you want to offer the call, you have to click on the SnapCall application in the top right corner.

3. This opens the call interface, from where you're going to send to the customer a calling card invitation.

4. Before sending the calling card invitation, you can choose the language of it. To do so, click on the drop-down menu, and choose the relevant language you want to appear on the calling card.

5. Then you can click on the "Send call invitation" button.

6. A calling card is sent to the customer and the call interface is displayed. You are already on it, waiting for the customer.

7. To join in, the customer needs to click on the "Join now" button.

8. While waiting for the customer, you can enable your own camera. Like this, the customer will have a friendly face when he will come on the call. By clicking on the camera icon, you can see yourself in the main display.


9. When the customer joins the call and enables his camera, you are notified of it inside the conversation field (1). The customer takes the main display on the call interface (2) while you're on the bottom right corner (blue).

10. One of the new features of this V2 is the full-screen call. To access it, click on the "Menu" button (1) in the top right corner of the call interface, and then click on the "Open new tab" option (2).

11. On this newly opened page, you'll find the customer on the main display (1) and yourself in the bottom right corner of the page (2).

12. This V2 offers you screen-sharing (as well as the V1 actually) on both sides (agent & customer). To enable it, click on the "Screen-sharing" icon (1). This will open an interface (2) allowing you to choose what you want to share - full screen, specific window, specific tab - (3). Then click on the "Share" button (4).

13. The content you chose appears on the main display (1) and your customer appears on the right column (2) so you can still see him.

14. If you quit the call by mistake (1) or you simply want to join in again, you can do it by clicking on the "Go back to call" button (2).

15. At the end of the call, the chat conversation is still active. This means you can do a follow-up if needed. This is very useful to send technical information mentioned during the call itself.

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