What can I do in the Dashboard?
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The SnapCall dashboard serves as your central hub for monitoring and managing all your video communication activities.

It provides a clear overview of everything happening within your SnapCall workspace, allowing you to track user engagement, analyze call performance, and optimize your processes.

Your Workspace:

The Menu presents information categorized into four main sections: Clips, Calls, Apps & Tools, Settings.

    • All clips: This section provides a comprehensive view of all video clips shared within your workspace. You can see the total number of clips, identify trends, and understand how video communication is being utilized.

    • Media: Here, you can access and manage all the visual content shared through SnapCall Clips.

    • Reports: The Reports section within Clips offers a tool for analyzing your video communication data.

      This part lets you look closer at your media, including how many files you had during a certain time.

    • All calls: Track all video calls conducted through your SnapCall workspace. This section displays the total number of calls,

    • Recordings: If you have a Pro subscription, you can access and manage call recordings within this section. You can play back recordings, download them for further analysis, or share them with relevant team members.

    • Reports: Similar to Clips, the call reports section enables you to generate detailed reports on call performance.

  • Apps & Tools (This section might vary depending on your plan)

    • Public page: The Public Page is a simple way of creating a web form that you can set up and publish anywhere on your website.

    • Flows: Flows allows you to be more specific about what the customer should provide when they record audio, video, or screenshots during calls for a more comprehensive understanding of customer issues.

    • AI skills: Leverage AI-powered features to enhance your video interactions. (Availability depends on your plan)

    • Booking events: Enable online appointment scheduling functionalities through SnapCall, simplifying communication and appointment management. (Availability depends on your plan)

    • Knowledge Base: SnapCall can be connected with your company's Knowledge Base, allowing agents to quickly locate articles that can be useful for the customers when they review a Clip shared by their customers.

    • Integrations: This is the main page that allows you to manage all the integrations between SnapCall and your third party apps. (Availability depends on your plan)

  • Settings

    • My account: Manage your personal SnapCall account details, including password changes and notification settings.

    • General: Configure general workspace settings like Media management,

    • User & teams: Manage user accounts and team structures within your SnapCall workspace, assigning roles and permissions.

    • Plan & billing: View your current SnapCall subscription plan and manage billing information.

Note: The availability of certain features within Apps & Tools and Reports may vary depending on your SnapCall subscription plan.

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