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How to Create a New SnapCall Flow?
How to Create a New SnapCall Flow?
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This guide outlines the steps involved in creating a new SnapCall Flow:

  1. Access the Flows Section: Locate the APP & Tools section within your workspace's left menu and navigate to it.

  2. Initiate Flow Creation: Once in the APP & Tools section, select the Flows tab. On the right side of the page, click the blue "⨁ New" button.

  1. Configure Your Flow: A dedicated page will open for flow configuration. Here you can:

    • Upload an image (JPG, PNG, or GIF) to be used as a thumbnail or logo.

    • Grant SnapCall access to your camera, microphone, and screen based on the desired media capture during calls.

    • Choose the type of media to capture: video, screenshots, voice messages, or screen recordings.

  2. Enable AI Features (Optional): The AI Skills section allows you to activate various AI functionalities to enhance your flow:

    • Transcript: Convert audio recordings into text format.

    • Summary: Generate summaries of recordings, incorporating your company's specific terminology, for improved understanding of customer concerns.

    • Knowledge Base: Based on the captured information within the flow, suggest relevant articles or resources from your knowledge base that might address the customer's issue.

    • Suggested Answer: Utilize AI to analyze captured data and propose solutions or relevant articles related to the customer's problem.

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