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Why can't I see my recording on the dashboard list?
Why can't I see my recording on the dashboard list?
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When a video call is ended but this does not appear on the dedicated list within the 'Call' tab of your Dashboard, most of the time this is due one of the reasons below:

  • Ensure 'Automatic call recording' is enabled in your SnapCall workspace, you can find the option under organizations preferences. Once logged as an admin, click here to be directly redirected to the right menu.
    If you manually activated a recording during the call, feel free to skip this step.

  • Allow SnapCall some time to process the recording. When all participants of a video call leave the call, SnapCall keeps processing the recording in the background for a couple of minutes, just in case any of the participants would rejoin again.
    Because of this a recording might not be immediately available but if you're waiting for more than 30 minutes it is worth to enquire SnapCall support.

  • The recording might have been manually deleted: in fact when a user decides to do so, the file completely disappears from the list. You can enquire SnapCall support listing as many details of the call you have so we ca verify if this was the case.

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