When is a recording initiated?
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An audio recording is initiated as soon as more than one participant join a videocall, if the dedicated option on the dashboard is toggled on.

As Snapcall is designed specifically to facilitate collaboration, teamwork and interactions with clients, it is currently not possible to record videocalls where only one participant joined.

As the owner or admin of your account, you have the ability to activate the option 'Audio from all calls will be recorded automatically from start to finish.' directly from your dashboard under General > Preferences.

On the other hand, video recordings need to be initiated manually by the agent using the dedicated option on the stream UI. Once this action is made by the agent, any guest or agents inside the call will be notified that the call is being recorded through a pop-up. If they do not wish to be recorded, they will simply have to leave the call or deactivate their video camera.

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