Where can I find the recordings?
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Video recordings can be accessed from the dashboard.

  1. From the home page, please click on Calls in the left-hand column.

2. From this page, click on Recordings section.

3. Click on any call you'd like to, you will be then redirected to the media viewer where SnapCall will process and make the recording ready to be played. Usually this process is completed in less than a minute, it might take longer for calls which are longer than 15 minutes.

A few important information about call recordings:

  • Lite users won't be able to access their recordings

  • A recording is available only if one or more participants join the call, regardless if these are 2 agents or an agent and a guest

  • To make sure SnapCall automatically record the audio part of a video call, please ensure the option is specifically toggled on in the workspace settings.

  • Enterprise users can have the video part of a recording automatically saved by SnapCall as well. If you're eligible for it and you'd like this to happen, please drop a message to our Support Team.

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