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What is the guest or customer experience when they join a Snapcall through Zendesk?
What is the guest or customer experience when they join a Snapcall through Zendesk?
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Let's have a look at this awesome new experience on the customer side!

1. First, the customer needs to be in an active chat conversation. Here, the customer asked for a call from someone

2. As soon as an agent picks up the chat request, he has the possibility to initiate a call with the customer.
โ€‹We strongly recommend sending a disclaimer to the customer explaining what's going to happen.

3. Calling card is received by the customer (1), and he just needs to click on "Answer the call" (2) to access the call

4. Once clicked on the "Join now" button, the call is opened in a new tab. This newly opened tab allows to see the agent on the main display for the customer, and the customer can see himself in the live return video in the bottom right corner.

5. On this new version, the customer can also screen share with the agent. This is very interesting to provide advanced support and advanced sales (software knowledge, checkout process, etc.).

To enable it, the customer needs to click on the screen-sharing button. Then it opens a multichoice window. The customer chooses what he wants to screen share (full screen, specific window, and specific tab) and then clicks on "share".

6. Content being shared is displayed on the main space of the screen, while you can still see the participants of the call on the right part of it.

7. If the customer left the call (1), he can join in again by clicking on "Go back to call" (2)

8. At the end of the call, the chat conversation is still open, allowing the customer to still interact with the agent if needed

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